Terms & Conditions

When scheduling with us, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. We do not provide written contracts but rather agreeing to our estimate and getting on our schedule is in fact agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Price includes state and sales tax on material only.
Floors and other areas must be in condition to receive our materials. 
70*F room temperature is essential for satisfactory installation of all wood flooring (winter and fall months)

We cannot be responsible for the following conditions after installation:
1. Separation, cracks, uneven surface due to expansion and contracting or settling.
2. Scratching, scuffing, fading, discoloration.
3. Water damage.
4. Conditions arising from improper maintenance.
5. Delays in delivery due to strike, acts of God, or manufacturers inability to make delivery.
6. Guarantee of merchandise to match samples, due to dye lot variation.
7. Cutting of doors before and after installation, unless specifically stated in contract.
8. Leveling of existing floors, unless stated in contract.

These items shall be removed by seller, solely at the purchasers risk and agent for:
A Damage to quarter rounds that are to be removed and replaced
B Damage caused by disconnecting and/or re-installing radiators, toilets, ice makers, dishwater, compactor, oven, stove, refrigerator, freezer, washer and dryer, television or stereos.
C Buyer waives all liability against seller for any dust from installation and sanding

The buyer hereby agrees that the terms of payment shall be _ (see estimate agreement), and that upon failure by buyer to make such payment on completion, there shall become due to the seller, A FINANCE CHARGE AT AN ANNUAL RATE OF 24% OF THE UNPAID BALANCE. 

In the event the purchase price is not paid in cash at the time of execution of the agreement, then title to the above-described merchandise shall not pass to buyer until full paid, and it is further agreed that seller shall have a purchase-money security interest in all merchandise sold here under until full payment is received by seller, and may exercise its rights under the Ohio Commercial Code as a secured party.

Seller will not be responsible for (1) delays or failure in delivery or installation by reason os strikes of other cause beyond Seller's control (2) damage to moldings (3) consequential damages, or (4) insufficiency or goods where the measurements are based on plans submitted by Buyer. 

Buyer will reimburse seller for expenses incurred including attorney's fees, in the cost of the collection of the contract balance.

This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and the seller shall not be bound by any representation, promise, inducement made by any agent or employee of the seller not herein set forth. Buyer specifically represents that no representations were relied upon other than those contained herein.

All guarantees must be put in writing.

Thank you for your order.