When your hardwood floors are scratched and or damaged beyond what our sandless refinishing process will do, we recommend our complete sanding and refinishing process. In most cases replacing the wood flooring you already have could cost thousands of dollars, so it is very important to hire a professional to refinish your floors.

We have the training, experience, and specialized sanding and dust collection equipment to make your old worn out wood flooring look itʼs best…


We use high powered vacuum systems for all sanding of wood flooring. Our vacuums not only collect the majority of the dust created, they also then filter the air they exhaust. Our dust containment systems help eliminate the traditional dust nightmare throughout your home.


Want to change the coloring of your hardwood floors? We offer many options that can compliment your space, or to completely change the look of your floors. We offer custom stain colors and we can even stain match if necessary. All of our staining is done with a pretreatment of water “water-popping” to help get a more even/richer stain job and when staining we do our final buffing with our Lagler Trio sanding machine, this extra step that most other companies don’t do helps get a near flawless sand job, which then results in the best possible stain job. 


We offer the most durable and visual appealing wood floor finishes available. We have matte, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss. We have oil based polyurethanes, low voc water-based finishes, and non-toxic hard wax plant oil finishes. See finish section for more details.


In addition to just staining or finishing your wood floors, we also offer several custom finish options including; non-toxic fuming & smoking & pre color treatments, Ebonizing & much more.. We are able to create nearly any color or look from black and gray floors, to white washed floors, contrasting colors and textures & much much more. See more custom finish options section.


We can also sand and refinish your stairs including; treads, risers, and skirt boards. We have specialized sanding equipment for stairs that also hooks up to our vacuum systems.

CUSTOM OPTIONS - See Custom Page for more details.


Our process is simple:


We take all precautions possible to help return your home in the condition it was before we started. We hang plastic over cabinets and in doorways to help contain any dust our machines don’t collect.


Next we sand the floor using a 3 step sanding progression of a rough, medium and fine grit sand paper. We will never use a rough grit paper when it’s not needed just to get the job done faster, this eats away at the life of your floor. We even have special sanders that can sand under radiators, cabinets and in other tight spaces.


After sanding we then buff the floor with a 2 step buffing process. This smoothes out the floor and blends all of the areas together. Our first buffing is done with a fine grit sand paper, then to get the floor extra smooth we use an even finer grit sanding screen and buff again.


In corners of the rooms and other tight spaces, we still use the old method of hand scraping these. This lets us blend the corners in perfectly with the rest of the floor.


After all sanding, buffing, and scraping is done, we do a very through job of cleaning. This includes vacuuming floors, walls, counters etc. Having a clean working area allows us to get the best possible finish on the floor.


Here is where we add the stain if you wanted to change the floors color. We use a water treatment before all stain jobs, this opens the pores of the wood to get the richest most even stain job possible. If you just want the natural beauty of the floors to shine through, we skip this step and move on to step 7, finishing of the floor. See our stain colors or Rubio Monocoat option.


After the staining, we then apply the first coat of finish. The type of finish coating is your choice (oil, water or rubio monocoat) as well as the sheen level is your choice (matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss). After your finish has dried completely, we then buff the floors. This extra step will buff out any debris that may have gotten into the finish, and help us get the smoothest finished floor possible. 


After we have stained your floor, added 1 coat of finish and buffed & vacuumed between each coat, we then apply the final finish coating. Using a total of 3 coatings produces a floor that will last for years to come.




Here is some of our recent work...

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