The Tosland Family

Hello! We are so happy that you came across our site. You know, hardwood floors is our passion and has been for many many years. But enough about floors! Please let us tell you about our family :)

Craig Tosland started out his life traveling across the country with his dad and his brother Rich. Growing up in Los Angeles, he moved to Bass Lake, CA (near Yosemite), to Albuquerque, NM, to Cincinnati, OH, and finally to Cleveland, OH where he planted his roots. He was a football star in high school and college as well as a rugby star. Of all things he loved early in life were sports and hardwood floors. He started sanding floors when he was 17 years old and he knew instantly that it was his calling - 12 years later he finally had the courage to start Hazelwood Floors. Without him, Hazelwood Floors would not exist and Cleveland's hardwood floors would be in terrible condition ;) 

Christine Tosland graduated high school with a dream of traveling the world and to then settle down as an International business law attorney. New York City and the United Nations was part of her everyday daydreaming while she was traveling. She even was an intern for British Parliament while living in London. She has been all over Europe and South America, but there is no place like home. She knew she was destined for a different (and better!) life when she met Craig. Christine and Craig are now loving life with their 3 beautiful daughters (Kaylee, Maggie Mae and Harper), their dogs Opie and Wally, and will continue to build their dream of having the best hardwood flooring business in Cleveland!