The difference in finishes

Hey guys! If you are visiting our site, odds are you are looking to get your wood floors refinished. You have come to the right place and I'm happy you are reading this because it directly relates to you! Choosing the type of finish for your floors is a crucial step in your project. It not only will affect the price and look of your floors, but it also affects the life of your floors. A base price from any reputable floor refinishing company will include a 1 component water based (or oil based) polyurethane. A 1 component finish has a life of 5-7 years before it's recommended that you apply a maintenance coat, that's what we call a buff and coat. Which, you guessed it, means spending more money to maintain your floors. Now, if you have lots of kids or pets in your house, you seriously need to consider upgrading to a 2 component finish. There are 2 types that we recommend - you should try to guess which is my favorite.

A 2 component water-based polyurethane comes with a hardener, it is used on commercial floors because more traffic needs more durability. People are realizing the benefits to using this in their homes because many people have larger animals and kids who love to play rough. If your dog scratches your polyurethane floor, you will absolutely see it. The only way to get scratches out is to buff and coat, or if they are a deeper scratch then that means re-sanding your entire floor. Of course, you can live with scratches on your floors but why pay all that money to have them get ruined? The 2 component finish will protect your floors and help prevent those scratches from happening. 

Now only the other 2 component finish: Rubio Monocoat. This is a penetrating oil, it is not polyurethane, which means it has 0 sheen. It is a matte product that forms a chemical reaction with the wood itself, that means it makes the wood itself harder as opposed to having a top layer of polyurethane sitting on top of the wood. It is also waterproof, but that still doesn't mean you can let puddles of water sit on the floor. Now for the best part: it is incredibly low maintenance. Because there is no sheen, you don't see dirt, dust, crumbs, footprints, or any other items that might land on the floor as easily because polyurethane highlights those items. Seriously, I barely clean my floors and we have 3 messy kids and 2 dogs who constantly throw food on the floor. It's the best product out there for so many reasons: it's beautiful, durable, unique, waterproof, low maintenance, what more do you want? 

On a final note, I talked about the life of the 1 component finish. A 2 component finish has a life of 15-20 years. With Rubio, you will never re-coat it. There is no buff and coats. If you scratch it, you put some of the oil on the scratch and poof it's gone. With the 2 component polyurethane, maybe you can buff and coat it in 15-20 years.

My advice to you is this: if you can't afford the 2 component finish right now, wait. Save. It is worth it.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps you on your journey towards your new floors!