Hardwood floors is a skilled trade that requires years of experience in order to master. It is not a profession that can be taught in school, these are the dedicated foremen who will be restoring or installing your floors. Many of the guys on our team have 10-20 years experience, while others may only have 2-5 years. It is our focus to continually improve and train each foreman on our team regardless of their experience. Our industry is constantly looking for ways to improve both the sanding process as well as the types of finishes that are available. These are the dedicated guys who love what they do, and they want you to love your floors.


Jacob VanDeMotter

Hi, my name is Jacob. Before I did flooring I was an accomplished cook for over 10 years and then got into painting and carpentry. I enjoy creating things for people and when I started flooring I knew I was in the right position. It brings me joy to take other peoples visions and bring them to life. I also take pride in my abilities of finish and rough carpentry. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, I have 3 boys and an amazing wife!


Kevin Lessmann

Hi, everyone! My name is Kevin! I fell into hardwood floor refinishing, and instantly fell in love with it! Prior to refinishing I was a nurses assistant at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, a farm hand at Nagel Farms, and a valet in downtown Cleveland. I fell in love with refinishing because you can take something old/beat up, and turn it into a true work of art. There are not many people who do this type of art these days too which translates to us having an enormous sense of pride in what we do. This company is extremely professional, and family driven which leads to a very tight knit crew that takes care of each other. Hospitality, and customer service is and always has been my number 1 priority!


Sean Hilbish

Hi! My name is Sean and before I started refinishing floors I focused my time on making music. I became very passionate about flooring and enjoyed it as much as I did music. Both hardwood flooring and creating music have one thing in common - art. Being able to transform an old floor into a beautiful eye-catching lay of art is wonderful. It, for me, is how I can satisfy my need to create and continuously improve myself and my ability!


Ralph Mayans

What's up, I'm Ralph. I have been blessed to work for Hazelwood Floors, it's by far the best company I have ever worked for. I love doing hardwood floors, and as a bonus I get to play Rocket League with my boss and Chuck. On my days off I love spending time with my wife and son, we love to eat chalupas on saturdays and do jumping jacks in the rain. I also love the color black and enjoy wearing hats.


Charles Palyu

Hey I'm Chuck, I've been doing hardwood floors for about 5 years now and I love every minute of it. I consider myself the perfectionist of the group, if it's not perfect then it's not acceptable. I have the best job with the best bosses in the world, if I didn't tell you that then my sister would get mad at me (she is my boss). Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I love burgers with extra tomatoes. I hate everything with a sauce, especially salads. My favorite thing to do is play Rocket League with my brother in law (who is my other boss) and Ralph. I also really hate looking at the camera when someone is taking a picture of me. More importantly, I have the best nieces in the world. I love you Kaylee, Maggie and Harper!



Hello there, I am officially the newest guy on this team. I don’t have much to say yet about hardwood floors except that I’m excited to learn the trade. In the meantime, I’ll tell you a little about myself. My favorite food is chicken noodle soup pizza, it’s pretty soggy but I love it. I also run a group that meets on Wednesday nights called Frizbee kings. We meet at McDonald’s at 8pm and sit in a circle on the floor and play a frizbee app on our phones. We’re all pretty skinny and malnourished from eating so much McDonald’s so we don’t like to exercise and play the real thing. On weekends I like to make snow angels out of rice on my living room floor.


Michael Johnson

Hey everyone, I’m Michael Johnson. Not to be confused with THE Michael Johnson, 4 Olympic gold medalist and 8 time world champion in sprinting. I’m actually not a fast runner, but I’m a fast learner and I love doing hardwood floors. Before I started this trade, I worked at a craft store where I made different paint colors for a living. That’s where I get my creative eye and artistic abilities from, and I transferred that into floors. I love my family, they’re my favorite people to hang out with when I’m not working. We love going to the dog park to play, but we don’t have a dog. We just like to get on all fours and run around with the other dogs and bark. Pretending I’m a dog is my favorite childhood memory and I want to instill that same great memory into my kids. But I promise we don’t lick strangers.


Judah Louder-Webster

Hello! I’m Judah, I work here at Hazelwood and run our YouTube channel, and I have a lovely wife Logen. A little about us: we’re volunteer assistant youth leaders at a local church, own 3 rescue pups, and love fixing up and renovating our new home together. I’ve always loved working with my hands and worked for my Dads remodeling company back in Amish country when I was a kid. Hazelwood is an awesome fit for us and we’ve loved seeing this company grow and helping it in some small way. Hardwood floors holds such a historic, emotional place in many people’s homes, and making floors look like they did 100 years ago and seeing the customers face when a project is finished is one of my greatest joys. I look forward to meeting you soon and becoming part of your homes story!



Hi, my name is Jason, I’m 42 years old. I’ have been installing and sanding hardwood floors for 17 years. Other than doing floors I love music and just relaxing with my family!

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain!”