Repairs are examined on a case by case basis. If your floors are being refinished and there are large sections of broken boards or many single board repairs, we can repair them on site prior to sanding and you would never notice the difference. However, (sometimes floors can not be sanded. there are many prefinished engineered floors that have a very thin wear layer and can not be sanded. we can custom match almost any type of flooring and perform seamless repairs on site. are you moving a wall or island and need a weave repair into an existing floor? it is now possible with our highly trained NWFA certified installation technicians)  sometimes there is a broken board in a newly refinished floor and you do not want to go through the refinishing process to repair that single board. Have no fear - repairs are our specialty. We will use a planer to get the board to the appropriate thickness, stain match to the rest of the floor, provide 2 additional coats of finish and will blend it in seamlessly. The point is, we can tackle any repair that you might have. From subfloor issues, water damage, or maybe there is a huge gaping hole in your floor. Whatever it is, rest assure that we will take care of it for you. 

*Can you spot the repair in the flooring above?